Our fashion showroom is housed in the hub of the fashion industry in downtown Los Angeles, California. We are based in the prestigious California Market Center. The frame in which the collections are showcased is industrial and monochrome with a breathtaking view on the Eastern Hotel and the ACE Hotel. Our creative network helps you to establish and grow a consistent brand image and successfully reach the desired market to achieve sales growth. We target the relevant publications, influencers and celebrities. We also share our expertise, network and years of experience, to help our clients reach their sales goals in the United States. With an extensive fashion network, we developed many opportunities throughout the years to partner with celebrities, influencers, stylists, buyers and media across the United States. Through our physical showroom and email campaigns, our network can regularly review your designs.

media relations

Le Frenchlab PR is a Los Angeles based fashion & lifestyle showroom specializing in the representation of french and international brands. Our clients collections are available for press viewing, stylist and editorial pulls at our Los Angeles showroom. Over the last eight years, we have developed strong relationships with major fashion publications and contacts who cover a wide range of topics and interests. These relationships lead to better placements and exposure - and ultimately increase sales. We maintain constant communication with costume designers, editors and stylists to ensure maximum coverage for our clients. Our services include writing and distribution of press releases and other media communication.


We understand the rapidly developing world of digital media, online influencers, and bloggers. We can help your brand develop influencer strategies to increase direct customer sales, and social media impressions. A powerful tool to expose your brand! Communicating effectively with the right influencers can spread the good word about you instantly. Our presence in the blogger community is unparalleled. We proudly partner with TOP influencers that will sky rocket your brand in front of a targeted audience. We organize blogger campaigns and gifting campaigns that lead to outstanding results. 


Le Frenchlab works closely with publicists and celebrity stylists to provide maximum exposure for our clients. Through our extensive network of contacts, we can get your products into the hands of major stars through television shows, films, award shows, and other special events to provide crucial and implied endorsement of your brand.  We have provided our clients regular product placements on top-rated network and cable TV series. We have successfully placed our brands on celebrities for red carpet events, TV wardrobe styling, and publicity appearances.